Faulty trigger mechanism

Plastimo has issued a recall on all liferafts manufactured between 23 May 2008 and 30 Oct 2008. The majority of the liferafts affected have been identified and their owners informed, but Navimo UK is looking for 48 liferafts in the UK.

Regular quality checks by Plastimo’s technical department has highlighted a fault in a liferaft trigger mechanism that means the pull required is higher than the usual standard.

Navimo UK is asking outlets to contact any customer who purchased any Plastimo liferaft since 1 June 2008. If they still have the raft, they should contact Navimo’s customer service department with the serial number to confirm whether the raft is affected by this recall.

If necessary Navimo will organise collection of the liferaft from their premises, change the relevant spring, get the raft repacked by an authorised service station and returned within one week.

The serial number of the liferaft can be found in the owner’s manual supplied with the raft. The number is printed in the white frame at the top of the cover of the liferaft manual. The serial number can also be found on the adhesive label on the container model and printed on the valise model.