Call Coastguard before letting off toy pyros

Coastguards are asking people to call them if they are launching Chinese
lanterns along the coast at dusk following a spate of false alarms that has
led to teams being sent out unnecessarily.

“Around the coast of the UK, we have received numerous reports recently of
‘red flares’ that have turned out to be Chinese lanterns being let off along
the coast, says Dover Coastguard. ” Just last night we
were called about a ‘red flare’ sighting between Bexhill and Pevensey that
turned out to be a Chinese lantern.”

Contact 01304 210008 if you are taking Chinese lanterns to the beach at dusk. ‘We do experience this problem with firework displays too and have been successful in encouraging organisers to inform us of their intentions, so that we know the likely source of ‘red flare sightings.’