Historic fun raid announced

Scores of Dutch yachtsmen will gather early this summer for a mock raid celebrating their illustrious and sometimes troubled maritime history.

The Radboud Raid, named after the fearless Frisian king who fiercely fought the Franks around 700, will take place in Grou on 16 -17 May. The focal point of the Raid, a big tent erected on a peninsula 1km SE of Grou, will offer refuge if the weather turns rough.

By day, the surroundings of Grou will be ‘raided’, including the Alde Faenen, an area of outstanding -though very wet- natural beauty, famous with generations of Frisiân- loving yachtsmen.

Foreign raiders are cordially invited to join the fleet this time. No weaponry allowed ashore, nor horses on board, but they may try traditiional native Frisian craft, like tjotters or scows. It saves dragging a trailer all over Europe and is more historic fun.

For more information see Raid