Azores and crack

Eight Jester Azores Challenge sailors lined up for a party to celebrate surviving exceptional weather conditions (see YM Summer for full story) and arriving safely in Terceira.

Still battling to get there are Edward Zajac in Holly, a Leap 21, Trevor Leek in Jester, the Folkboat replica of the original, Basil Panakis in Jaba, a Contest 25, Nigel Stillman in Gretal, and Tim McCoy in China Blue, a Folksong 25.

Thirteen retirements include Chris Garbett in Jasabe, David Knowler in Headway III (in the Azores but the wrong island!), Bill Churchouse in Belgean   , Peter Pochon in Merganiser Too,Howard Brown in Mary Ellen, Jonathan Hopper in Francesca: now safely in Falmouth, Peter Evans in Federwolke, Ken Docherty in Solo, Tony Stattersfield in Contessina,Paul Turner in Lasten, Philippe Hautfenne in Libid’eau: now safely in Cherbourg, Jean-Jacques Lassale in Grigou and Chris Cowlard in Roulette.