French manufacturer Jeanneau has contacted all owners of its Sun Odyssey 410, 440 and 490 models following a product recall amid safety concerns about seepage around the retractable bow thruster, the group said.

The Jeanneau recall concerns the models which are equipped with Sleipner-Sidepower retractable bow thruster modules and were produced in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The European Commission in June issued a safety alert, warning that the boats may sink. ‘Due to a glueing problem, the bow thruster flange may detach and generate a waterway. The boat may sink, increasing the risk of drowning for users,’ the European Commission Safety Gate Alert said in a statement on June 20.

Jeanneau had launched a recall campaign in March 2023 as a precautionary measure to reinforce the bonding of Sleipner-Sidepower retractable bow thruster modules in the hulls of the three models mentioned. Later in March 2023, a 2021-built Sun Odyssey 410 sank off the coast of Germany. The advice was updated in May this year.

‘Because the safety of our boats is an absolute priority, we decided to reinforce the thruster flange on these hulls to prevent the occurrence of seepage,’ a spokeswoman for parent company Beneteau told YM. ‘All concerned boats’ owners have been contacted and almost all operations have been conducted (three boats were not available and operations are planned).

In March 2023, Pete Sage and his wife were sailing off the coast of Schönberg, Germany, when their 2021-built Sun Odyssey 410 sank. Both were safely rescued. An investigation revealed issues related to the bow thruster. At the time, Jeanneau said the incident was unrelated to the recall.

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Jeanneau says on its website, with regard to the recall: ‘Because the safety of our boats is an absolute priority, we have decided to reinforce the thruster flange on these hulls to prevent the occurrence of seepage. As a precautionary measure, we would also like to advise you that you must stop using the boat until this reinforcement has been carried out.’

Jeanneau said it was necessary, as soon as possible, to:

  1. Inspect the thruster area for water or signs of water ingress,
  2. Check for the presence of water when the thruster is retracted. In case of detection, it is essential to make sure that the thruster is closed and then to disconnect the thruster.

‘In any case, it is necessary to stop using the boat and to contact your dealer to carry out this reinforcement as soon as possible. We thank you for your cooperation and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please be assured that your safety is our top priority,’ Jeanneau said.

To check if your boat is concerned, please quickly contact the dealer from whom you bought your boat as soon as possible or contact Jeanneau Customer Service by e-mail:

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