£6 million Lotto Jackpot win interrupts round Britain cruise

A retired couple from Ipswich who had embarked
on a 10-week sailing holiday around Britain made an unscheduled U-turn after they realised their numbers had come up on the Lotto Jackpot draw – scooping them a whopping £6,123,395.

Richard, 66, and Cathy Brown, 64, were
safely in the marina at Newcastle on a drizzly wet evening when they discovered
they had won the life-changing Lotto Jackpot windfall – and decided to spend two exciting days sailing back home to Ipswich to discuss the impact it would have on their lives.

They have sailed together for
more than 30 years and were aboard their 40ft yacht, Brave, when they discovered
the win.

‘We downsized eight years ago so we could upsize our yacht,’ says Richard.

‘We love sailing together without crew and if we went
any bigger it wouldn’t be the same – so I guess a superyacht is out of the question…!’

The winning ticket was bought in the
Sainsbury’s on Felixstowe Road in Ipswich.