Sail 4 Cancer quest

Tom McNally is struggling to meet his pre-Christmas launch date in the world’s most diminutive transatlantic sailing boat – the 3-foot 10-inch ‘Big C’.
“Things haven’t run very smoothly this year,” explains Tom. “My younger brother died in early November and my sister just before that, both victims of cancer, which makes me even more determined to do a good job for Sail 4 Cancer and my other sponsors.”
“There have been financial holdups with the project, because equipment promised at the Southampton boat show, still hasn’t materialised. The hatch, steering-gear, compass and AIS all still need attention in order to get under way. In the past I’ve had problems attracting sponsors because people think I’m mad or have a death-wish. But, in reality, I’m taking every possible precaution with this voyage.”
“I’m just as scared of dying as anyone – I’m just more scared of not living,” says McNally.
Ultimately, Tom plans to set off in ‘Big C’ from Cadiz, Spain heading west to Puerto Rico, aided primarily by the trade winds. At landfall on the other side of the Atlantic, Tom will journey north along the Eastern seaboard of the USA and sail back to his home port of Liverpool (UK) via the historic and often treacherous Atlantic northern route.
For any sailing vessel this voyage would be a serious challenge, for one man in this tiny boat, Tom’s journey will be a truly epic ordeal. Tom, a veteran of numerous small boat voyages, estimates that the whole passage should take around nine months to complete.
In order to get things ship-shape Tom needs two key items, an ocean deck hatch with an acrylic observation bubble and an inboard portlight for a watertight compartment. Anyone interested in helping to complete Big C can contact Tom McNally directly by phoning 44 (0)151 928 5930, or 44(0)7528 185 042 (mobile) or e-mailing
Existing sponsors include: Sailing Networks, Jeckells Sails, Sail 4 Cancer, Vulcan Metal Fabrication, Raymarine, Liverpool Narrowboats, Atlantic Construction Limited, IMPAG UK, Majestic Engineering, Battery Megastore, Bainbridge International, Raymarine, E C Smith Ltd, Hamble School of Yachting, Blue Sheets and Youngs Mobility.
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