Tony Bullimore hopes to top Ellen's 71 -day circumnavigation

Round the world yachtsman Tony Bullimore will attempt, this July, to break Ellen MacArthur’s 71 day barrier in a solo non-stop circumnavigation that will start and finish in Hobart, Tasmania.   

Bullimore, who finished 2nd in last year’s Oryx Quest non-stop round the world race from Doha and back, has had his catamaran adapted for single-handed sailing.

The current solo round the world record, set last year by Dame Ellen MacArthur in the trimaran B&Q,, stands at 71 days 14hrs 18mins 33secs,. Bullimore is convinced that his larger catamaran can complete the 21,719 nautical mile course in less than 70 days. Bullimore’s bid is to help promote the Doha Asian Games.