Storm hits Med resort

A storm hit the Isle of Elba, the third largest Italian island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea between Sardinia and Tuscany in the night between Saturday and Sunday. It lasted just an hour but winds blew up to 65 knots, with heavy rain.

Hundreds of boats broke adrift and were wrecked on the rocks. After the storm the beach had plenty of pieces of boats scattered everywhere, rubber dinghies and dead seabirds.

Near the village of Marina di Campo two men disappeared into the sea during the storm. The first Luca Boncompagni, 46 years old from Florence was found some hours later by Italian Coast Guard ten kms far from the point where he fell into the sea. The other one, Gennaro Grillo, 47 years old, a skipper from Sicily is still missing since the moment he jumped on the tender of his boat.