Geoff having to steer manually

Disabled sailor Geoff Holt’s bid to sail across the Atlantic unassisted has
taken a hit after his onboard generator failed. With only 500 miles of his
epic 3,000 mile voyage left to go, the loss of the generator has forced
Geoff to resort to manually steering the 60ft catamaran Impossible Dream.

The hi-tech yacht normally relies on electricity to power its complex
electronic and hydraulic systems. Its backup electrical supply is an
alternator on the starboard engine – but this uses five times the fuel and
there is only enough fuel for another eight battery charges. As a result all
electronics have been switched off to try and save fuel for the tricky final
stages of the journey as he attempts to navigate into his destination –
Tortola in the Virgin Islands.

Quadriplegic Geoff has been joined onboard by film maker Digby Fox and carer
Susana Scott, but neither of them is allowed to help with the sailing. Said
Digby by satellite phone, “He’s trying to conserve power by turning off the
autopilot and physically it’s making a huge difference for him. It is a
struggle for him to steer manually and he’s only been doing it for a few
hours but it is already making his arms ache. I think it’s going to be a
difficult struggle to the finish line from here.”