Across the Atlantic on an oxhide

Tim Severin will tell of his 1976 voyage across the Atlantic in a leather Curragh to test the myth of St Brendan at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth on 17 December.

The 6th century voyage is a legend that questions world history. It is said that the intrepid monks put to sea in an open boat made of oxhides from the West coast of Ireland and reached the shores of a land on the other side.  Was this North America? The monks reported they saw sea monsters, moving islands and islands of flames making the entire journey sound more myth than reality to modern day scholars.

  Severin put the legend to the test. With a hand picked crew he put to sea in a replica of the boat thought to have been used by the monks – a traditionally made Curragh that many believed would perish in the harsh Atlantic conditions.

The lecture costs £10 and includes mulled wine and a mince pie. To book in advance call 01326 214546