Six lifeboats and a fixed wing plane searched for two men in an inflatable dinghy

Two men set off from Deal beach in Kent in an inflatable dinghy in thick fog. They had no lifejackets, no flares, no compass, no charts and dropped their GPS over the side.

After five hours they used a mobile to phone home and say they were lost. Four lifeboats were launched in the Downs in a bid to find them. Nothing was found. They said they had gone north.

Next Solent Coastguard received a mobile phone call from one of the men to say he thought he was in Eastbourne – which would have meant going south, not north from Deal.

Two more lifeboats were launched from Eastbourne. Nothing was found. They then phoned the Coastguard again saying they now thought they were in Hastings. A mobile unit was activated and they were found on Hastings beach. They mobile phone batteries were almost dead.