Coastguard critical of 'sailor' who they have rescued nine times

A hapless yachtsman rescued nine times has been described as a ‘drain on Coastguard resources’ by a local harbourmaster.

Tim Freeman initially found his 21ft boat impounded by the Coastguard after he repeatedly ran aground, but made a come-back with a 24 footer, Reginald, in which he was rescued four times.

The 24-year-old is now known to the lifeboats of Sussex, Dorset and Devon and has run up a bill for the RNLI of £20,000.

Billy Johnson, Harbour Master of Littlehampton, Sussex reportedly said: ‘He has demonstrated a lack of competence and is a drain on Coastguard resources. The idea of him geting out in the Channel doesn’t bear thinking about.’

His boat was last seen in Wareham: incorrectly moored.