Hamble Harbourmaster Tony Clatworthy tweets to the world

Hamble Harbourmaster Tony Clatworthy has opened a page on Twitter, the social messaging service, to spread the word about goings-on in the Hamble.

‘We can post updates on weather, wildlife, interesting boats,’ said Tony. ‘In fact there are two boats here now from the Tall Ships race, Jolie Brise and Rona II. Jolie Brise won the first Fastnet Race, she’s leading the Tall Ships – and she’s here. It’s great.’

Tony chose to set up the page due to ‘a combination of things. I saw some guys with a mobile and I saw the access they had to this, in here and out in the Solent. We also noticed Hampshire County Council has its own Twitter page so we thought we’d start our own.

‘We’ll update morning, lunchtime and evening, it just depends how busy we are,’ said Tony. ‘We don’t want people to rely on it but it’s handy. We’ve got 50-60 followers now, but we’d hope to have 1,000 or so in six to seven weeks.

See twitter.com/hambleharbour