Get an apprenticeship

An apprentice marine electronics engineer is being sought by a Poole-based business.

‘This is a fantastic opportunity for the right candidate. In 1985, I started in the marine industry myself as an apprentice engineer and I now own one of the largest specialist marine electronics dealerships in Europe,’ said Andrew Smythe managing director of Cactus Nav.

‘We install everything from a simple GPS on a day boat up to a Sat Com system on a super yacht. Our customers are wide and varied but all share a passion for boating and the sea.

‘Do you know anyone who is leaving school or college that is practical and is interested in boats?

‘We will offer a 3 year training program, that includes hands on work and formal qualifications, that can go right up to degree level.

‘We are looking for young people who can demonstrate the following:-

‘Practical know how, enjoys practical hobbies – do you enjoy stripping and rebuilding push bikes, for example : Have an understanding of, and can use, simple hand tools, Punctual and good time keeping, Be able to travel independently to work without relying on others, Have an interest in the marine industry, People skills – know how to communicate effectively orally and in writing, Basic IT skills – knowledge of email, MS Office and internet.

Good grades in the basics, English, Maths + a practical subject. Be prepared to work flexible hours – at times late as and when necessary, in all weather conditions (e.g.: when out on boats)
Well presented. Had previous work experience ( part time)
Are based in the Poole area.’