Westward Ho!

The Royal Western Yacht Club’s Plymouth Race Week 2011 is being supported by Pete Goss and has the backing of the national charity Help for Heroes added to which, Plymouth City Council have pledged their support as a partner.

Pete said: “With the imminent arrival of my small, but trustworthy Mounts Bay Lugger, ‘Spirit of Mystery’, due to return to the West country soon, I can’t help but be reminded of all the other extraordinary events that have emanated from these shores.
The maritime history of the South West coast dates back as far as Drake and beyond to the modern day which, was started by Blondie Hasler and Sir Francis Chichester when they instigated the Single Handed Transat Race, the event spawned all modern day short-handed ocean racing. And, the Club they dreamed up their idea in, The Royal Western Yacht Club, has yet again had the initiative to bring another major sailing event to Plymouth.
With their past record for organising prestigious races and regattas, I have no doubt that ‘Plymouth Race Week 2011’ will offer well run competitive racing.  Sailed in some of the best and most accommodating waters that the UK has to offer and complimented by Plymouth’s unrivalled waterfront, this has the potential to be exactly as described – The Yachtsman’s Regatta.”

The new bi-annual sailing event, which plans to be on the scale of Cowes and Cork week, will be centered round the historic Barbican area of Plymouth. The competing yachts will be berthed in Sutton Harbour, with the tented race village on the adjoining Commercial Wharf overlooking Queen Anne’s Battery.
Help for Heroes is the national tri-service charity which looks to provide for the long term care and support for the wounded. It is particularly fitting that they should be attaching themselves to the Plymouth Race Week 2011 given the city’s relationship with the services.
For more information see www.plymouthraceweek.org