Topsail schooner loses rig in Biscay

The Pride of Baltimore II has been dismasted in the Bay of Biscay on passage from Torquay, UK to Santander, Spain. The rig failed while she was underway during a squall, when the bowsprit broke about halfway along its length, which created a domino effect and the collapse of both masts.  Captain Jan Miles, the 11 crew and the six guest crew are all fine, and no one was injured. 

She motored the 80 miles to the port of Saint-Nazaire, where she is currently docked while the damage is being evaluated.  The crew was able to save all the sails, which were not damaged. 

It is anticipated that repairs to the vessel will take about three months.  Although some repair work has been started in France (salvaging all iron works on the spars, assessing and preserving the rigging, etc), the port locations for major repair work are still being evaluated.