Twenty teams will be paddling for glory onboard the 'Dragons Alive' Bell Boats this morning at the Southampton Boatshow

Twenty teams of ten children will be paddling themselves silly onboard the famous Bell Boats today. The brightly coloured catamaran style boats can carry ten paddlers each and they will battle against each other while raising money for the Kids South East charity, to help local families with disabled and other special needs. That will be running from 1000 to 1330 today.

Once you’ve watched them and taken a peek at Ellen MacArthur’s twin loves, Kingfisher and Iduna, you can get yourself soaked at the White Water Rapids. There’s a huge tank in the Posthouse block with a contoured channel over which water is pumped at a great rate. It’s been designed for canoeists to test their mettle without having to head for the hills.

If you’d rather get into the water than on it, head to the Andark Diving Pool (B77). Their trained instructors will introduce you to the peaceful delights of scuba diving and open up another world for you.

There’s tons of other stuff going on and don’t forget to drop into the bar for a few sharpeners – you’ll need them!