Vendee cool

Sam Davies makes competing in the The Vendee Globe solo, non-stop round the world race seem a breeze as she prioritizes her i-tunes with a cabin view of the ocean.

Here is Day 15 of Sam’s log:

“Hello everyone,

Now Roxy and I, like the rest of the fleet, are bouncing along upwind in the South Atlantic Ocean trade winds. Life is now all at a 30 degree angle, on port tack, meaning that my right leg will soon be longer than my left one. It is pretty bumpy too, which makes it feel like you are driving off-road 24 hours a day. Any movement requires care, and I have been likening this to my skiing trips in Avoriaz, when I frequently find myself prostrate across a steep incline! The top tip is to remember what Bruno says: “bend the knees”, “stand across the slope” and “always keep the weight on the downhill ski”. It seems to work here too!

The wind is fairly stable, and the angle means that there is relatively little to be done to keep Roxy going fast – a few changes of sail trim, and occasionally a change from Solent to staysail or vice versa. This has meant that I can catch up on some sleep and rest. I have also done some more weather study, and I organised my i-tunes a bit better!

The delights of having a sea view never end, and yesterday evening I was treated to another delightful sunset, which I can see directly from my bed out of my starboard porthole. I took a photo so you can see too. At night the sun has been replaced by a particularly bright star, or maybe it’s a planet? I am ashamed of my lack of knowledge of the constellations. Maybe someone can help me?

Last night my thoughts went to Jeremy, who is struggling to get Delta Dore to shelter where he can try to repair his mast. It is not fair, he certainly doesn’t deserve this problem. I so hope he makes it safely to the coast, and wish him all the luck and courage for his repair, which I know will not be easy.”