Atlantic record attempt

Sir Richard Branson and gold medal Olympian Ben Ainslie have four days left to crack the Atlantic record. Their 99ft monohull maxi-yacht Virgin Money
(ex-Speedboat owned by Alex Jackson, USA) is now on the second day for its
attempt to break the world record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean, currently
set at 6 days 17 hours, 39 minutes and 52 seconds.

After 27 hrs 50 mins, the team had covered 500 miles. No data is being provided regarding how the team’s current pace matches up with the current record, but with a heading of 98 degrees, and a wind direction of 356 degrees, time will tell if the
wind is aft enough to provide sufficient speed to set a new record.

Winds were in the mid-20s today, but the team was preparing for a forecast
of up to 50 knots. Skipper Mike Sanderson said, “We are having a pretty
rough trip out here but we need to get some sleep before it gets even more
heinous tonight. Surviving on three hours sleep is not easy when you’re
getting battered on all sides by the elements.”

Adam Boome,said:”At the moment we’re really motoring ? Imagine living on the waltzers at the fairground during a freezing storm and you’re almost there. Even the smallest task takes intense concentration and is very physically demanding.
Can’t imagine how we will feel if this goes on for another 5 days, right up
to the wire.”