Drifting cat left to the mercy of the Pacific

Tuna fishermen have told yacht designer Richard Woods, 51, it would cost £30,000 plus a salvage fee to tow his derelict 32ft catamaran Eclipse 1,000 miles to Ecuador. The boat was stripped of all her gear by ocean pirates.

Eclipse is to be left ‘floating ready for the next person to find it,’ Woods said. ‘If you know anyone who wants to try to bring it to shore for us, the approximate position is 5N 110W. But bear in mind Eclipse is missing all sails, engine, electronics,
boom, all running rigging and no doubt much else. We can give you the name
of the fishing agent in Panama if you are serious,’ Woods said.

Woods and his girlfriend were airlifted off the yacht ten weeks ago in a storm.’In reality, we assume Eclipse will continue to be a safe haven for seabirds
for some time to come,’ he added.