Crew member breaks leg in knock down

A crew member aboard Pete Goss’s Spirit of Mystery has broken his right leg in a knock down. The 38ft lugger was sailing in strong winds and high seas
about 300 Nautical Miles South South-West of Kangaroo Island off Adelaide,
South Australia, when she was struck by a large wave.

The vessel was knocked over and an injury sustained by one of the crew, Mark
Maidment, who has broken his right leg between knee and ankle. Mark was
taken below and treated by the crew who administered morphine and applied a
splint. He is in a stable condition on board and in good spirits.

The crew were able to contact their support team in Melbourne via the
satellite telephone who alerted the Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Communications with the vessel have since been sporadic, but they have
intimated that the remainder of the crew are fine and at present the boat is
sound and seaworthy and making good progress in improved conditions towards

AMSA’s dedicated Dornier Search and Rescue aircraft has over flown the
vessel and a doctor has been able to establish two-way communications to
offer advice.

AMSA is now coordinating communications and assessing the best way to deal
with the casualty and the situation.

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