How often do you refine what works on your boat? Theo Stocker provides some food for thought as he introduces the March 2022 issue of Yachting Monthly

The fact that I am here, writing to you, is thanks to being successfully rescued from the water, having fallen overboard at the end of last year.

While it was all planned and carefully managed, I was still very much dependent on my ‘crew’ to get me out of the water (p30).

Having often wondered if my wife and I could actually recover each other from the water should either of us fall overboard, especially if we were incapacitated in any way, we decided that we needed to find out the answer.

Rachael Sprot came along to test a whole slew of equipment and techniques, from throwing lines to rescue pods. I was surprised by what we found.

The vast majority of equipment normally carried by yachts works fine for casualties able to help themselves.

Trying to secure and lift an unconscious casualty is a different matter, and there was no solution that neatly did everything.

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Unusually for sailing, it was one small, simple and inexpensive idea that made the biggest difference.

Refining what works on your boat should be an essential task for all cruising couples and crews.

The new Dufour 32 may not have a brand new hull, but it too shows the benefit of some serious rethinking of how we do things aboard a small boat (p18).

Tiller steering and a single rudder reduce cost and complexity, but bring back the fun of sailing and add to the boat’s seaworthiness.

Her new rig may be simple but it sparkled in the light winds on test day, and the boom-mounted solar panels, cockpit-wide sun pad and novel bathing platform all demonstrate a willingness to think outside the box.

If you’re looking for true inspiration, however, then as most sailors will tell you, it’s often to be found over a drink or three at the end of a day at sea (p52).

We’ve done the hard work to find the finest waterside pubs, breweries and distilleries for you to sail to and find your own inspiration.

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