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Estonia remains a mystery destination to most UK yachtsmen, but now the government of the former Soviet satellite Baltic State are engaged in a major push to put the country into the cruising man’s psyche.

Yachtsmen from the country’s well-regarded yacht clubs paid a visit to London’s Little Ship Club – where thanks to sponsorship from the Estonian Embassy – an ‘Estonian night ‘ was held.

Members and guests of the Little Ship Club were introduced to the rich maritime history and sailing opportunities Estonia has to offer.

‘Lack of information on Estonia’s sailing opportunities was the main driver behind organising such event – aiming to strengthen the links between the two maritime nations,’ said the co-ordinator of the event Kerttu Külasepp.

The evening was opened by Egon Elstein, the President of Estonian Yachting Union, followed by a presentation by Kalev Vapper, the Commodore of Kalev Yacht Club in Tallinn, with which the Little Ship Club now have full reciprocal arrangement.

After a dinner of Estonian delicacies, there was an exchange of flags, and also a presentation of an HPO flag for the new Baltic Honorary Port Officer, Ado Tikerpäe, received by Indrek Ilves, Kalev Yacht Club’s Manager, on behalf of Ado, who was unable to attend the event.

Members also had the chance to hear from Uku Randmaa, Estonia’s first solo circumnavigator about his adventures aboard Temptation.

The well attended event was sponsored by the Estonian Embassy in London, Enterprise Estonia, the Estonian Maritime Museum , Viru Beer and photographed by Graeme Kennedy.

For those of you, who wish to go sailing in Estonia already this summer, the 57th Moonsund Regatta, will take place from 12th-19th July – the registration is still open. It is a week long, Cowes Week like regatta visiting the numerous islands and harbours around Estonia’s western coast.

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Photo by Graeme Kennedy
From Left to right – Uku Randmaa, Uku’s wife, Kalev Vapper, Kerttu Külasepp, Peter Newbury, Egon Elstein, Indrek Ilves.