Community is crucial ...the editor's welcome to the latest issue of Yachting Monthly

Many of us were shocked and saddened to hear the news that Oyster Yachts is facing insolvency. The future looks uncertain for the nearly 400 skilled staff at the company; our thoughts are with them and I hope the company’s yards can be kept open. The potential collapse of a yachtbuilding icon is a body-blow to the British marine industry and the sailing community as a whole.

People will, I am sure, support those affected and make use of their skills. It is this ‘rallying around’ which defines that nebulous being – the sailing community. A shared passion for putting to sea in boats, and the knowledge that we would all assist another seafarer in distress if the situation arose, is ultimately more important than the type of boat you sail, the club you belong to, or the brand of waterproofs you wear. More commonly, however, a sailor might be called on to take a line on a pontoon, lend a hand in the boatyard, or offer advice at the yacht club bar.

Since its first issue in May 1906, YM has featured navigation notes, yacht reviews, practical navigation and the experiences of its community of readers. These stories remain a priority for the magazine, so do keep sharing your opinions, stories, questions, and embarrassing confessions with us, and there may even be a prize in it, such as the brand-new handheld VHF radio for the confession of the month.

You will have noticed the changes this magazine has been through in recent months; thank you for all of your feedback. In response to this, the typeface has returned to the original size and font with which you will be familiar. I hope it is a pleasure to read.