Classic yacht to sail round world indefinately

Sir Alec Rose’s old classic yacht Lively Lady could be expected to rest her old teak bones in the Solent after a second circumnavigation which was completed this year. Not a bit of it: she is fated to sail on round the world indefinately thanks to a new plan by her proprietor Alan Priddy.

‘As the boat sailed around the world it rapidly became clear the project had the potential to involve many more people from many more countries and to benefit a far greater number of young adults,’ he said.

So, working with Rotary International, sponsors and supporters old and new and the young adults who have graduated from The Raymarine Lively Lady Project, ‘Around and Around’ has been born.

‘Our vision is to have yachts constantly circling the globe taking young adults from around the world, who for whatever reasons have not had the best starts in life, on a journey to help increase their opportunities for the future. Countries from as far afield as Australia have already indicated they want to be a part of this but, as with this first project, it’s not a quick process,’ Alan added.

The start of the next global circumnavigation is several years off. But, in the short term, the team are planning a circumnavigation of Britain and Ireland in 2009/10 to encourage more young adults to get involved. If you know of a young adult you think would benefit from involvement with this project – or if you are that young adult – then get in touch by going to

Lively Lady’s first circumnavigation was in 1967-68 when Southsea grocer, Alec Rose, took her round solo with one stop at Melbourne.