Injured Atlantic Rally for Cruisers yachtsman gets ocean First Aid

Yachtsman Ron Parker’s finger was crushed and broken beneath a freezer lid as an Atlantic swell caused it to fall back aboard the ARC boat Tallulah, an Oyster 53.

Ron was treated onboard, and remote medical advice was obtained from the International Marine Emergency Centre in Rome. However, with the yacht still at least six days out from St.Lucia, there was a significant risk he might lose the finger. 

After calling for help they were later joined by the German Hallberg Rassy 53 Jasika IV who had a surgeon and a nurse on board. Because of the sea state, Dr Gerhard Trömer and his assistant Edger Willie, swam across to Tallulah, complete with a mobile sterile operating unit. They were then able to set the broken bone and stitch up the wound to Ron’s finger. As a result of their efforts the chance of infection is greatly diminished and the prospects of saving the finger much improved.