Seb Clover, 15, faces an ocean challenge

Schoolboy Seb Clover has nothing between him and the history books except the Atlantic Ocean. The 15-year-old will leave Tenerife on Thursday to race, single-handedly, against his father to Antigua.

He will be the youngest person ever to make the crossing solo.

Seb’s Contessa 32 Reflection was damaged in storm conditions at the Marina de Tenerife when a mooring line parted. Seb had to apply some gel-coat to the dented bow. But apart from that he is ready.

His father Ian, a Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor, taught Seb to sail as a child and he already has many miles both in home waters and abroad. Ian’s Contessa is Xixia. The pair are raising money for charity and anyone who wants to help should call Seb’s mum, Dolores, on 01983 295260.

YM’s news editor Dick Durham said to Seb : ‘May the best man win.’ Seb replied: ‘I’m sure he will.’