Sailing schoolboy seeks crew

Sailing schoolboy Mike Perham, 17, the world’s youngest solo circumnavigator is seeking crew to join him on his next adventure. In April next year he and Australian solo circumnavigator, Don McIntyre, with a crew of two, will sail a replica of HMS Bounty’s launch 4,000 miles from Tonga in the Pacific to Timor.

They are to recreate the 1789 epic voyage made by Captain William Bligh in an open boat – one of the longest in history – to raise money for the Sheffield Institute Foundation which researches motor neurone disease.

The doughty pair are seeking two other crew members who will have to pay £10,000 each towards the cost of the voyage. In the original voyage 18 men set off. This time just four plan to make the trip, but they will have no charts, like Bligh.

The pair unveiled the 25ft boat at St Katharine’s Dock in London today. For more information see