Clipper race crewman in hospital

Injured Clipper race crew member Tony Peters has been taken off the yacht New York by a naval vessel and then via ambulance to a Durban city hospital.

The 47-year-old paramedic from Hanworth, Berkshire in the UK sustained a head injury on the second day of Race 4 from Durban to Fremantle when a large wave swept him across the cockpit.  Due to the nature of the injury and following advice from Falmouth Coastguard the decision was made to evacuate the patient.
The Navy strike craft Isaac Dyoba was tasked by the South African Coastguard to evacuate Tony from New York and arrived alongside at 08:00 GMT this morning.  On arrival on scene the decision was made for the strike craft to escort the Clipper to Durban without attempting a patient transfer due to the rough sea conditions.
Clipper staff member Anna Wardley accompanied Tony to hospital where he was examined and x-rayed.  Relevant treatment for the head injury and a broken nose was administered and arrangements are currently being made to repatriate him back to the UK.  Tony hopes to be able to rejoin the race at a later stage.