Can you help?

A top Chilean admiral has appealed to Yachting Monthly to help raise money for naval families made homeless by the killer earthquake and tsunami which hit the country in February.
Rear Admiral Jorge Chandia said: ‘More than 100 naval families were left homeless and are currently enduring severe conditions. Vast support is urgently required to help our fellow mariners regain their livelihood and we hope your prestigious publication can reach out to your wide audience for donations.’
The Chilean Navy has rescued many yachtsmen over the years, whose boats have been dismasted, damaged or sunk, while making passages round Cape Horn ort through the Magellan Straits.

The current (June) issue of Yachting Monthly features a used boat test on a Sigma 33, sailed by Chilean Naval Attache secretary Pablo Santa-Maria. Anyone wishing to help should contact

The picture shows a dismasted and abandoned yacht near Cape Horn, courtesy the Chilean Navy