£5 gets you a chair

Charity sailor Alan Rankin is giving a presentation on his solo trip around the UK and Ireland this summer. His talk will be at the RYA Scotland Big Weekend at Largs on 23 – 24 February 2013.

He is to set off from Ullapool in his F27 Trimaran Trade Winds and sail clockwise to the Shetland Isles rounding Muckle Flugga and then south to the busy English Channel. From there Alan will sail past the Scilly Isles and on up the West Coast of Ireland before heading out to St Kilda and returning around the northern tip of the Outer Hebrides to Ullapool on his 2,200 mile challenge.
Alan plans to stop at; Lerwick, Blyth, Lowestoft, Brighton, Poole, Falmouth, Dingle and Broad Haven before returning to Ullapool. At each of the stops Alan will run 10k to help fundraising for his charities; Parkinson’s UK, Cancer Research UK, MS Society, British Heart Foundation and Ocean Youth Trust Scotland. Donations can be made at www.soloroundbritain/charities