Solo yachtswomen to 'squat' on her boat in Central London

Solo transat yachtswoman Lia Ditton, 25, will ‘moor’ her 40ft trimaran at London’s Chelsea Colleg of Art and live aboard it for the same number of days – 28 – it took her to cross the Atlantic.

The boat will be on an angled frame, as if the boat is surging down a huge wave.
In the single-handed trans-Atlantic race, the Faraday Mill OSTAR 2005, Lia Ditton was the youngest competitor and only woman to finish.

Visitors will be invited to climb the staircase to the viewing platform [on top of a shipping container] and peer into the boat’s 10ft by 6ft cabin. They will be encouraged to interact with Lia Ditton, who will follow the same 24hr sleep pattern as if racing.