Huge relief for Dee Caffari as she heads for home

Round-the-world the ‘wrong way’ yachtswoman Dee Caffari, 33, is now past the Cape of Good Hope and well on her way to the record books.

‘That now ends the chapter on the Southern Ocean,’ she says, ‘ we can smile in the knowledge that we survived and conquered the greatest and most remote stretch of water on the planet. I had a mixture of feelings. I was definitely massively relieved.’

Dee was filmed by a camera crew on a helicopter as she rounded the cape after facing thunderstorms and several gybes: ‘In thirty to forty knots of wind Aviva is a big girl to gybe and after a few of these I was getting tired. In amongst all the rain was an electrical storm. As the sun dropped to the horizon behind the clouds they suddenly all lit up in pinks, purples reds and oranges. I had a smile on my face because we were no longer sailing into the sunset. I admit it is a romantic notion, but it does mean that now we have definitely turned that well talked about corner.’