Nationwide event to raise awareness of 1,000 Britons diagnosed every day


Sail 4 Cancer, the leading sailing charity,
will be spending ‘24 hours in a liferaft’ over several weekends in November to
raise awareness of its charity work and the 1,000 people who are diagnosed with
cancer in the UK every day. 

The event will take place in several locations
across the UK, starting at Brighton Marina at midday on Saturday, 10th November. 

‘Liferafts provide a lifeline when something
goes badly wrong at sea, and Sail 4 Cancer offers a lifeline in difficult circumstances by providing days out and short-breaks for families
affected by the disease,’ explains Sail 4 Cancer’s chairman, Graham Precey.

‘Every 24 hours 1,000 people in the UK are
diagnosed with cancer, and this event recognises the turmoil it can bring to so many families across the UK every day.

‘Doing it in the middle of winter will be pretty
uncomfortable, but compared to the rigours of cancer treatment it will be easy.

‘We have several spare liferafts, so if anyone else
would like to get involved, please get in touch.

‘We’re also keen to hear
from sailing clubs who’d like to get involved in next year’s event.’

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