BT buys 'Dragons Den' Square Mile Marina wi-fi network

BT has bought marina Wi-Fi network operator, Square Mile Marina, to deliver high speed wireless internet (Wi-Fi) access to 39 coastal and inland marinas in the UK and Jersey. Square Mile Marina, established in 2007, was previously owned by Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Dominic Killinger.

BT will switch the existing Wi-Fi service to its BT Openzone service by the start of the sailing season in March. The BT Openzone service will provide an estimated 3,000 permanent berth holders and visiting yachtsmen, using 10,000 marina berths, with easy to use Wi-Fi connectivity.

When the marinas are switched to the service, a wide range of BT Openzone voucher and subscription payment options will be made available to subscribers. The yachting website will continue to be available from the BT Openzone marina landing page.

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