Solo flight, now single-handed across the Atlantic.

A yachtsman is celebrating a double solo ocean crossing – the first time in a plane and the second time by boat.Tristan Gooley, 34, arrived at Marigot Bay, St Lucia, on the afternoon of the 1st of January in Golden Eye, a Contessa 32 after 26 days at sea.

In May 07 he flew from Goose Bay, Canada to Oxford, England in a single-engine Cessna Caravan, re-fuelling in Greenland, Iceland and Scotland during the epic 2 day flight.

The only other person to have achieved both is the legendary American navigator, Steve Fossett, who is still missing after a routine flight in Nevada in September.

Tristan is using his achievements to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer, a disease that kills one man every hour. He is also paying tribute to Steve Fossett.

Tristan lives near Chichester, England and works in travel as the Vice-Chairman of the travel company, Trailfinders. Tristan quotes:

“Men are notoriously bad at discussing their health issues. If my efforts lead to one more person learning a little about the disease of prostate cancer, it will have been worthwhile.”

“Steve Fossett has achieved so much. He has helped me and countless others to realise that our goals and ambitions are not unattainable.”

“It has been a difficult and unusual challenge but that has been a large part of the attraction. I like the fact that more people have walked on the moon than tackled the Atlantic by air and sea alone.”