Travellers move caravans onto site

Hundreds of boat jumble customers have been disappointed by the cancellation of their local event because travellers are squatting on the site.

Organisers of the Dorset Boat Jumble at Canford Park Arena say they have been forced to cancel with less than a week to go. The annual event, which regularly attracts 100 exhibitors and around 1,500 visitors, was due to take place next Saturday 23 March.

Six Irish traveller families moved onto the site’s perimeter on Saturday 16 March and although the private land owners have commenced legal proceedings to evict them, it could take between seven and 14 days.

Show spokesman Chris Chaddock, of the UK Boat Jumbles Association, said the show could not go ahead.

‘The land is owned by Woodland Manor Estates Ltd, who couldn’t serve the eviction notice until Monday and the travellers have got seven to 14 days to move out.

‘The fear is if we have the show they will move onto the arena site and the landowner will have to start the proceedings again.’

‘The cancellation is a big disappointment, Poole has one of the biggest natural harbours in the world, there are a lot of boats in the county and generally we have a good turnout – it’s well supported by the West Country and Dorset people.

‘It’s a great disappointment but it was not practical with a week’s notice to try and move it to another venue.’

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