Peter Blake's daughter in poignant race

Twenty-five years after their historic victory in the Sydney to Hobart yacht
race, Lion New Zealand have announced they will compete again.

Crewing on board the famous Kiwi yacht will be Sarah-Jane Blake, whose
father, the late Sir Peter Blake, skippered Lion New Zealand to victory in
the gruelling 1984 race.

The 24m yacht was built for Sir Peter; Lion New Zealand was his entry in the
1985-86 Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race.

It won’t be his daughter’s first time sailing on the yacht.

She was just a baby when in 1985 she made the epic journey from New Zealand
to England for the aluminium sloop’s delivery voyage,
Yesterday, Ms Blake joined Conrad Gundry and Sam Cray – whose fathers Simon
Gundry and Godfrey Cray were also part of the winning team 25 years ago – to
see the yacht off at the Viaduct in Auckland City, before they head to
Australia some time soon.