Yachtsmen face penalties

A Yachting Monthly reader, planning a continental cruise, has discovered that Belgium is still out of bounds for red-diesel carrying sailors.

Last year the Government promised boaters wouldn’t be fined for using red diesel outside of Home Waters

Alan Wilson also fears that yachtsmen running for shelter into Belgian ports, or making passage through Belgian waters, might also be penalised by authorities for carrying the dyed fuel.

He has asked Brussels-based Customs inspector Andy Boeykens for clarification on these points:

‘Sailing offshore but within your 12 mile limit: if on passage through Belgian waters, eg to France or the Netherlands, but not visiting a Belgian port, are foreign yachts using red diesel liable to be fined?

‘Secondly during severe weather or gear failing: if a yachtsman sailing outside Belgian waters but then forced to enter a Belgian port because of severe weather conditions or if gear fails eg loss of mast or engine failure, are foreign yachts with red diesel liable to be fined?’

So far Mr Boeykens has only confirmed that red diesel is banned:’We can confirm that the use of red diesel for pleasure craft is not allowed.’

Mr Wilson has promised to contact us once he gets an answer to his further points.
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