Oceans of yachts

A new rally across the Atlantic has been announced, making the ocean the subject of a trio of such events. The Stokey Woodall Atlantic Circuit (SWAC) is set for October 2014 and joins the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) and the Christmas Caribbean Rally (CCR) as options for yachtsmen to cruise in company.
A spokesman for the new rally said: ‘The main emphasis of SWAC is to offer an affordable rally for amateur sailors to cross the Atlantic, cruise the Caribbean and return across the Atlantic.’ Yachts will leave from Madeira on Leg 1 in October 2014, sailing to Cape Verde and then on to Barbados. They will return to either the UK or Portugal, by way of the Azores the following summer.

Charleston, South Carolina is the departure port for Leg 2 of the rally, which will also include new yachts that are starting out on the SWAC 2015 from the USA bound for Europe. The minimum LOA for yachts is 45′. The cost for Leg 1 is £2,100 and Leg 2 costs £1,495. Both prices include all crew.
Stokey Woodall has amassed more than 300,000 miles of sailing, including 30 Atlantic crossings and 90 passages to the Azores.

For more information see: http://www.atlanticcircuit.com