Sir Robin considers another global race

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston is considering racing round the world again – possibly in the Vendee Globe. Already the first person to sail solo nonstop round the world, almost four decades ago, the 68-year-old has only to sail back across the Atlantic on the third leg of the Velux 5 Oceans into Bilbao to set another record as the oldest person to do so.

Although his first competitive race for 39 years has been dogged by
equipment failure and bad luck, the challenge of racing his hi-tech Open
60, Saga Insurance, against a younger generation of sailors has
whetted his appetite for further competition.

“I’ve had great sailing, yes, but racing, no,” he said. “I’ve no regrets
about taking on this challenge, but I don’t feel I’m really succeeding, so
I might have to find another race.” The next major round-the-world solo
race is the Vendee Globe in 2008.