Sam Davies' latest missive

Vendee Globe, solo, non-stop around the world yachtswoman, Sam Davies, is sailing her socks off as her latest missive explains:

“Hello, Here is a nice picture of my lucky red socks “breathing” some fresh air under the full moon, after having been subjected to 48 hours non-stop inside ‘Le Chameau’ boots in the stormy weather!

Yes – I admit that I did not remove my boots or oilskins for 48 hours. It was too full-on to take the risk as I needed to be ready to go on deck at any moment.

So, yesterday I took advantage of the calmer, stable conditions to change socks, wash a bit, brush my hair… it was a treat! I also opened some good luck cards that people had put on board. It’s always good to boost your moral. For now, the red socks are banished to the cockpit until it rains enough for me to wash them. Seeing that I only have three pairs of red socks, I need to take care of them as I am sure I will need some luck again soon.

Yesterday evening I crossed tacks with Dee Caffari again, pretty close. We had a chat on the VHF and she told me that she has found photos hidden by her team around her boat; the Aviva boys obviously have “calendar” talent. Dee explained that the photos of them were taken nude, with strategically placed objects to hide certain areas of their bodies.

She was laughing so much, and we were both a bit sad that it wasn’t daylight otherwise she would have tried to show them to me! Anyway, she promised me that she would show me after the race.

Last night I gybed to head south, and today’s strategy is to try to position myself to pass Madeira without suffering from wind-shadow.

Sam x”