Tiller pilot swamped by wave

Katie Miller, 19, who is planning to sail round Britain in her Corribee 21, Elecktra, this summer to raise £10,000 for the Ellen MacArthur Trust, is facing a delay.

Due to set out three days ago she is waiting for repairs to her tiller pilot: it failed after being swamped while on a shake-down cruise in the Solent.

‘It is going to have to take many more waves than that so I’m disappointed it failed but as soon as it is fixed I’ll be off,’ Katie told YM who cover her background in this month’s magazine (Fast track interview).

Katie has the backing of Ellen who sailed her own Corribee, Iduna, round Britain at the outset of her career. Katie will sail anti-clockwise, stopping in up to fifty different harbours around the country and hopes to be back in time for Cowes Week. To follow her progress visit www.thechallenge2006.co.uk or www.ellenmacarthurtrust.org