Annan Harbour on the Solway Firth has been reopened by local residents looking to revitalise the quay

Local residents have grouped together and dredged a 10-metre-wide channel in Annan Harbour, so that yachts can access the harbour wall two hours either side of high water. Annan is the last navigable harbour on the Upper Solway. The harbour was busy until the 1980s, before it fell into disuse and silted up. Call ahead and you will be met by someone to take your lines.

Annan Harbour Action Group has now dredged the harbour, ready to receive pleasure craft. The 100-metre-long wall has a number of strong points and ladders. There is also slipway for trailer sailors. All this work has been done by a group of local residents, keen to get the harbour open again for access to the Solway.

It is easy to enter. From Silloth (harbour master 01697 331358) where you can enter if there is no large commercial traffic, or stay outside otherwise, on the English side, you can sail in on the tide with ease. There is deep channel through the river and +/-2h from high water there is plenty of water to moor up alongside the wall. Tides can be calculated as Liverpool +1 hour.

Phone 07530911087 and there will be someone on the wall to greet visiting sailors. There is no mooring fee but donations will be accepted.