Worldwide pledge from new owners


The new owners of Rocna anchors, Canada Metal Pacifics, have pledged to replace all ‘defective’ ground tackle ever produced worldwide. They are hoping to rebuild Rocna’s reputation which had become tarnished over build quality (See YM Investigation October).

As part of their makeover of the brand, CMP, say they will ‘find and replace any defective product.’ They are also taking control of the production process – they have a factory in Ningbo, China as well as Vancouver, Canada and will fight to ‘restore confidence in the classification process.’
John Mitchell, president of CMP, said: ‘Canada Metal was fully aware of the challenges that faced the Rocna brand well in advance of our completing the purchase. Initial information indicated that for a period beginning 2010 the shanks of some of the Rocna anchors were manufactured using a steel alloy that did not meet the design specification.’

For the full story see Yachting Monthly November issue.