Rock star will be at Hyde Park during sail-over

Having called for all Englishmen to do their duty to highlight world poverty by sailing across the Channel and ferry continentals to the G8 protest, Sir Bob Geldof has dropped out of the scheme himself.

Earlier the pop-star politician was reported as saying that he would ‘definately’ be crossing the Channel in person, however his spokesman Roger Maber said today that he would be too busy with the Hyde Park rock concert to set sail.

Maber said the Sail8 campaign was focussed on the Solent with boats being urged to cross from Portsmouth to Cherbourg during 2 -3 July. Motor-boats are expected to make the round trip in a day, sailing boats will obviously make the trip according to wind and tide.

Geldof has organised both the Live8 rock concert on 2 July and the Sail8 sail scheme on 2 to 3 of July to coincide with the G8 summit at Gleneagles in Scotland on 6 July at which world leaders will discuss third world debt which Geldof says should be cancelled.

More information on Sail8 here