Round-the-world sailor Dee Caffari gets a 'house guest'

Solo, ‘wrong-way’ round-the-world yachtswoman Dee Caffari has had a mid-ocean visit from a large squid.

Dee, 33, said: ‘It was quite big and had obviously been washed on deck with a wave and there he lay slowly shrivelling in the warmth of the sun. I did feel sorry for him after all I am invading his territory and he probably didn’t plan on being washed onto a deck of a yacht, but his beady eye staring at me was horrible. I gave him a helping hand in a burial at sea and flicked him over the side with the dustpan.’

Her 72 ft yacht Aviva has been readied for her Atlantic passage and Dee is shaking off Southern Ocean mode. ‘I am following my usual routine and doing jobs, but rather than holding on for survival while I try and do these chores, I am able to complete the jobs easily and in half the amount of time. I can walk around without risk of injury, I can move below decks without entering the gymnastic display team and life is becoming enjoyable. I am wearing fewer layers and am able to pop on deck whenever I choose without the dressing ordeal of all my layers and safety equipment. I can cook and eat without sharing half of my meal with the galley.’