Six-up the crew of GMIV have taken Chichester's solo record

Gipsy Moth IV – with a crew of six – has beaten the best day’s run of solo circumnavigator Francis Chichester by four miles, said Yachting Monthly’s chief boat tester, James Jermain, who is mate for the yacht’s Atlantic crossing.

The 53ft ketch managed193 miles in 24 hours, helped by a strong North Equatorial Current. Modern equipment such as the Seafresh water maker and Ampair towed generator have meant that the crew can concentrate on getting the best out ot the boat.

However, one of Chichester’s original pieces of kit has proven its worth. After 20 days at sea all GMIV’s bread ran out. But with a ready-mix dough recipe and Chichester’s oven box which sits on the Primus the crew are once again enjoying fresh bread.