Skipper Steve Rouse leaves Gipsy Moth safely in Tenerife

Skipper Steve Rouse, 50, took the helm of Gipsy Moth IV in Gibraltar and eight days, 800 miles later steered her safely into Santa Cruz Harbour in Tenerife. Now he has flown home as a new crew is prepared for her Atlantic crossing.

Sailing with him was Mrs Mate, Antonia Nicholson, and three young men who had never been offshore before: Rahim Kherag, Martin Dalby and Myles Grant-Butler. Also on board was yours truly.

We sailed through dark and daylight, high winds and calms and had a good crack en route. I’m sure we all wish Steve and Antonia well: a couple of the finest sailors one could ever have the privilege of sailing with. I, for one, hope we sail again someday.